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So the PTA put you in charge of making sure that someone is at each booth of the "Spring Fling".  That's 20 tables and 5 different shifts, Ouch one hundred people that need to sign up!.  

Hum, guess you are going to call everybody in the school?  No, just bring the "signup sheet of paper" to the next meeting.  But then... the only people show up for the meeting are already on the Board of Directors.

Maybe send out a message with all the school children to call you and sign up, FAT CHANCE!  Those papers will be found at the end of the year in the bottom of all the kiddies desks.  Or they might make it home, if you are lucky

How about this? Get the word out that each class has to sign up for 5 timeslots and that the people can go to see if their class is "pitching in"  They have a week and its first come first served starting tonight!

They can all go to your signup on MySignUp at: (click here)


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