sign up sheet and registration
Try this working example.

Please realize this is just one type example. You will find you can create the sign up sheet you want.

This is for a "spring fling". Pretend you are the the user not the builder of the signup.  This is what your people will see.

You are the homeroom mom and are being asked to sign up for a booth to work and a time frame.

Try it!

1. Pick a booth and time and click on "I'll do it"

2. Enter some information. Make sure you remember the "Undo Code"

3. Accept the task. Notice the sign up re-displays and some of your information shows that you "got" the slot and its now reserved.

4. Click "Undo" and enter your "Undo Code" and now see that the slot is available



NOTE: this example is reset about every 10 minutes.  If you don't see your signup just try it again

5. See what this signup really looks like (click here)

Think of a sign up sheet as a theater of empty chairs.  Each person picks a chair.  You can define what each row of chairs means (a label) and or each column of chairs.

Once they "sit down" they can provide up to 6 different items of information.

How do you see the results? CLICK HERE NEXT




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